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Getting an assessment on the value of your motor vehicle is necessary to drive. Meridian Loss Adjusters (formerly Caribbean Loss Adjusters Limited) has existed for over 30 years, offering Service with integrity to our customers island wide. We are registered with the Financial Services Commission and are also a member of the Loss Adjusters Association of Jamaica.

Our Services

Visit our offices or for your convenience, we will come to you.

Motor Vehicle Valuations

  • Know the value of your car or of the one you plan to buy.

Damage Assessment Reports

  • When there is an accident you need to know the effect on the value of the vehicle.

Mechanical/Engineering Reports

  • Needed especially when your 15+ year old vehicle needs insurance.

Liability Claims Investigations

  • To verify claims for liability after an accident.


The role of a Loss Adjuster is primarily to provide valuations for vehicles.  They are also very crucial in the Insurance Claim process by investigating claims on behalf of the insurer, to determine whether a claim is valid and how it is going to be settled.

A Loss Adjuster is needed when you need to do a Valuation, Engineering/Mechanical or Damage Assessment Report on your vehicle.

The Valuation Report is needed to by the Insurance Company to calculate the correct premium to be charged on the vehicle.

A Valuation Report can take between 20-30 minutes to complete.

MLA has a team of reliable Assessors and one of our policies is “If you can’t come to us, we will come to you”.  Also, you don’t have to wait on your Report it can be e-mailed to you.

Documents needed to do a Valuation are the Motor Vehicle Fitness and Registration.  For an Assessment Report a copy of the Accident Report, the Estimate, Motor Vehicle Fitness and Registration are required.

An Accident Reconstruction is the process to determine the speed of the vehicle’s pre and post impact direction of travel, length of pre-impact skid marks, post-impact distance moved, point of impact, impact angles and weight of the vehicle.

The Accident Reconstruction process is necessary to the Insurance Companies and Attorneys to analyze and determine the liability and/or financial responsibility of the parties involved in the accident.

Computer animations are most useful in showing the “collision” and “what-if” scenarios to determine how these accidents could be avoided.

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